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Heritage Timbercraft Timberframing Course June 16th-21st June, 2024
Cancellation Policy

This course is designed for 6 - 8 participants. If we do not have the 6 minimum signed up by May 1st, we will likely re-advertise for a July workshop. However, if you are unable to come on the later date, your course fee and accommodation payments will be returned in full.

By booking as soon as possible, it helps us determine the viability of the course. It also enables you to choose which of our accomodation options suits you best. Should you prefer to pay 50% of the course fee now ($1125) to save your spot, the remainder will be due by April 1st. Please email to confirm payment plan.

If you need to cancel your participation before April 1st, 100% of your course fee is refundable. There is a $15 administration fee for accomodation cancellations. Between April 2nd and May 1st, a 10% admin fee will be charged from the course payment ($225).

If you need to cancel your participation after May 1st, and your absence does not drop us below the 6 minimum, we will return your course payment less 10% . Otherwise, there will be a 30% administration fee charged from the course payment ($675); your accommodation will be returned less the $15 administration fee.

Please feel free to ask us for further clarification if needed.


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