MRF Farm Trails

Explore the farm at your own pace on our network of trails and roads. There are options for everyone whether you’re looking for a casual stroll along the banks of the Mohaka River or a more adventurous hike rewarded with secluded views. There are 2 designated off-road cycle trails suitable for beginner and intermediate level riders.



Day visitors and guests have year round easy access to 2 km of river with a further 3 km down stream of the farm. Both Rainbow and Brown trout are plentiful. Permits are necessary and can be purchased at
Walking access to the upper reaches is now open to all guests at no charge.


Restorative Getaway

Disconnect from the stresses of life and create your ideal holiday. Whether you want to relax in the sun and enjoy the river, find solitude in nature and soak in the views, get your hands dirty or roast marshmallows around the fire, it’s all possible at Mohaka River Farm.

Day Visitors

Contact us if you are considering a day outing to the farm. In consideration of our other guests we are unable to host groups for day visits.


Horse Trekking

There is no better way to explore the farm and take in the stunning surroundings than on horseback. Our herd of 14 horses have lived together on the property for many years and love being ridden. We offer 1, 2 and 3 hour treks for groups of 2 to 10 people and any experience level.

For Trekking Enquiries


Pizza Nights

Our delicious wood-fired pizzas are served Saturday nights during the months of October through May.


River Rafting

The Mohaka is well known for it's rafting, with many sections of Grade 2 and 3 water, along with areas of Grade 4 and 5. We work with 'Raft Fish' to provide rafting experiences to our customers. To book a rafting experience, enquire through Raft Fish.

Raft Fish